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Medical Billing Services Australia

You have a debtor that still owes you money for medical services provided since a long time? You want this case settled as soon as possible?

Chasing debtors and making them settle their medical dues

Here at Anaesthetic & Medical Billing Services we provide a range of medical billing services that includes debt follow-up. We have the staff who know how to talk to bad payers, coaxing them to settle the claims, with a genteel or strict approach depending on the case. Whatever we do, we do it with the view of obtaining result without unsettling your clients so that they may still remain on good terms with you. We know that some people are not the best of payers, but they can be valuable clients as they do business with you regularly. This is why we adapt ourselves to each client we deal with for optimum results.

Anaesthetic & Medical Billing Services: a recognised medical billing company providing services for practitioners across all of Australia.