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Services Offered


AMBS can send preoperative quotes and obtain informed financial consent if required.


AMBS can arrange for patient prepayments if needed.


AMBS sends accounts to private health funds, WorkCover, TAC, DVA, Medicare and patients at the relevant fees, including known gap accounts (where one account is sent to the private health fund and an out of pocket is sent to the patient). Accounts are sent through Eclipse for participating funds. These accounts are generally paid within one to seven days.

Payments are made directly into the doctors' bank accounts. This means doctors receive payments much more quickly than if payments were made to AMBS and then transferred to the doctors fortnightly or monthly as with other billing services. A banking report is emailed to the doctors every fortnight for reconciliation.

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Patients receive a receipt upon payment.


Doctors receive the following reports:

  • Fortnightly payment reports and commission statements
  • Monthly invoice reports
  • Monthly debt collecting reports
  • Quarterly BAS reconciliation reports
  • Annual end of financial year statements.

Outstanding Accounts

AMBS regularly follows up all unpaid accounts. They do not receive a commission until the doctor has received payment.

Secure Data Management

AMBS has a secure system for storing data.

For further information, including fees, please download the AMBS information sheet: CLICK HERE